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            WordPress Hosting vs WordPress VPS: Which is Right for You?

            WordPress Hosting vs WordPress VPS TItle Image

            If you are new to WordPress, or an experienced WordPress administrator, it’s important that you choose the type of web hosting that’s best for you and your business. InMotion Hosting offers both a WordPress Hosting plan on WordPress-optimized shared servers, and a WordPress Virtual Private server (VPS). Below we’ll take a look at what the plans have in common, key differences between the plans, and some guidelines to help you decide which plan best fits your needs.

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            Why Joomla is Still a Great Choice

            Why Joomla is Still a Great Choice title image

            It’s no secret that when someone asks “Why Joomla,” the real question is “Why use Joomla when you could use WordPress?” WordPress’s massive popularity over the last decade has coincided with a continued drop in Joomla users over the same time period. Anyone looking into Joomla for the first time is bound to notice some similarities and, given WordPress’s popularity, ask the obvious question. Despite some hiccups a few years back, the recent release of Joomla 4 shows that there are still compelling reasons to choose Joomla for your website.

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            Set Up an Impressive Portfolio Page

            Set up a Portfolio Page title image.

            When you’re just getting started as a web designer, finding your first few paid gigs can be a struggle. If you don’t personally know anyone who needs help with a website, putting your name out there is daunting. The best thing you can do is to build a portfolio page that showcases your skills and talents. Below, we’ll cover some tips on how to use your portfolio page to get customers.

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            What is WordPress?

            What is WordPress? title image

            You’ve decided to build a website, but maybe you’re still wondering how much work that’s going to take. Chances are, someone has told you to keep things simple and just use WordPress.

            There’s no doubt — WordPress is popular. It’s easy to learn, easy to find knowledgeable WordPress professionals, and easy to find WordPress Hosting designed to keep your site running quickly and reliably. But what is WordPress, exactly? What does WordPress offer that other platforms don’t?

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            Optimize your WordPress Writing Workflow for Gutenberg

            Save time and future proof your site by optimizing your WordPress Writing Workflow

            There’s a reason so many people seem to miss the WordPress Classic editor. Old-school WordPress was built from the ground up to optimize the workflow of mid-00s bloggers. You could quickly type up your thoughts all in one go, perform some minimal editing, and have your wall-of-text nicely formatted before your first lunch break. If you want to optimize your WordPress Writing Workflow for the modern era, though, you need to adapt.

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            Tech Book Review: Coding in the Classroom

            Title image for Tech Book Review: Coding in the Classroom

            If you’re a parent or educator, then you know that the recent push to emphasize STEM (Science Tech Engineering Math) education will often suggest that younger and younger students learn the fundamentals of programming. The problem is, teaching programing in a straightforward, easy to understand way can be difficult even with adult learners. How do you begin to introduce students to the topic?

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            The Price of Free Hosting

            Price of Free Hosting Title Image

            When you’re starting a new business, anything “free” that helps you along can sound like a really good idea. But when it comes to free web hosting, it might not be as great as it seems.

            “Free” hosting can have strings attached. You may find yourself struggling to move your site data off of someone else’s computer, or find yourself on the hook for an enormous monthly fee. By the time your site is successful, you may find the price of “free” hosting to be much higher than you anticipated!

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