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            How to Blog for Small Businesses: Best Practices for Business Blogs

            blogging for businesses

            You’ve heard it time and time again. To increase traffic and business to your website, create a blog. However, if you’re going to create a blog, you need to make sure you’re implementing it correctly in order to reap the benefits. This article will walk you through the best practices for business blogs so you can blog with your best foot forward. 

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            What is an RFP?

            Learn What is an RFP

            A request for proposal or RFP is an official document calling for companies to submit bids or offers to perform a service or deliver products. Follow along and we’ll explain what is an RFP and when to use one. Then we’ll compare an RFP, Request for Quote (RFQ), and Request for Information (RFI).

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            Open Source Projects to Follow in 2021

            Open Source Projects to Follow in 2021 Title Image

            Every day, more and more open source projects appear in the software landscape. But not only that, communities of volunteers from all over the world revolve around these projects to support their growth and development. And we, the end users, benefit from this collaboration by having access to free (or at least affordable) software to help us get things done and take care of business.

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