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            WordCamp US 2022 Travel Scholarship Program

            InMotion Hosting Announces Scholarship Program for WordCamp US 2022 - Hero Image

            InMotion Hosting is excited to announce their Travel Scholarship Program for WordCamp US 2022

            After two years of virtual WordCamps, WordCamp US (WCUS) will be live and in-person this year! Events like WordCamp are a great way to build skills and connect with people who truly understand the WordPress projects and problems you’re working on every day. We know that conference travel costs can hinder people from attending events like WordCamp. So we’re excited to announce our 2022 WCUS Travel Scholarship Program, designed to help you join us in San Diego this year!

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            Core Contributors Propose Official WordPress Performance Team

            Core Contributors Propose Official WordPress Performance Team

            WordPress has fallen behind other platforms in terms of performance, which has led to a new proposal for an official WordPress Performance team. 

            On October 12, full-time WordPress core contributor Ari Stathopoulos submitted a proposal outlining why he and certain other core contributors believe it is necessary to have an official Performance team that would be responsible for coordinating efforts to increase the performance (speed) of WordPress.

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            InMotion Hosting Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Big Sale

            InMotion Hosting Celebrates 20th Anniversary title image

            InMotion Hosting Celebrates 20 Years of Providing Great Products, Services, and Support.

            VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA – InMotion Hosting, the industry leader in premium web hosting and customer support, is celebrating 20 years of empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world. For two decades, InMotion Hosting has helped drive small businesses by providing great products, services, and support in a commitment to the success of their customers.?

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            Computer Chip Shortage

            computer chip shortage hero image

            Due to ongoing supply chain issues resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a highly publicized computer chip shortage in 2021 that has impacted over one hundred countries and the technology industry as a whole. In this article, we will explore this development and discuss the implications of ongoing computer chip shortages in global technology markets. 

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