Hosted Private Cloud On-Demand

Deploy a 3 or 5 server hyper-converged private cloud core in 45 minutes.

Cloud-based compute and private cloud storage is native and included with all Flex Metal Clouds. The core of the Flex Metal Private Cloud architecture is a hyper-converged OpenStack Cloud. Each Flex Metal Cloud you spin up has full private cloud hosting capabilities from the start.

  • Each Flex Metal Cloud deployment comes with a Private Cloud Core.
  • The individual Flex Metal Private Cloud Core is a 3 or 5 server Hyper-Converged OpenStack Cloud.
  • The 3 or 5 Hyper-Converged OpenStack Cloud includes compute, private cloud storage, private networking, and a Cloud Control Plane.
  • Individual Flex Metal Clouds can be controlled separately or unified as regions under one overall Private Cloud Core.
Hosted Private Cloud Core diagram

A Scalable Private Cloud Hosting Solution

Private Cloud as a service that lets you scale on demand when you need it.

Converged Nodes icon
Converged Nodes

When workloads need both compute and storage expect cost savings with converged nodes.

Converged Nodes icon
Compute Nodes

Scale compute nodes when you have RAM and CPU intensive workloads.

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Storage Clouds

Add additional storage clouds when workloads are disk space intensive.

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Additional Clusters

Deploy separate Converged Clusters with custom hardware dedicated to specific workloads.

Multi-Cloud and Multi-Region Ready

Partner with a reliable clouds provider to deploy and scale your secure hosted private cloud solution.

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Multiple Separate Clouds

Ensure cost savings, reliable performance, and simplified networking by spinning up separate Flex Metal Clouds.

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Unified Cloud with Regions

Need multiple Clouds in different Regions but want central control? That is native to Flex Metal Clouds.

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Ultra Connected

Aggregate bandwidth of 200GB. Up to 20GB to individual servers. Direct public cloud peering.

OpenStack Services supported by Hosted Private Cloud

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APIs and CLI
Functionality for administering the hosted private cloud resources are available via API first and foremost. Additionally, a powerful CLI leverages those APIs to give cloud administrators fast and easy access.

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Cloud Management Dashboard
Web-based GUI for users to access their assigned resources. Creating VMs, networks, firewall rules, etc. can all be done by users of the hosted private cloud if the administrators have delegated permissions. Some administrative functions are also available via this GUI, but it is a subset of the API and CLI administrative functionality.

openstack project heat icon

Heat orchestrates the infrastructure resources for a cloud application based on templates in the form of text files that can be treated like code. Heat provides both an OpenStack-native ReST API and a CloudFormation-compatible Query API.

openstack project nova icon

KVM based Virtual Machines can be created, scaled, and destroyed easily through an interface or via authenticated API calls.

openstack project cinder icon

Block Storage
Persistent storage volumes can be created, deleted, and attached to VMs easily. Flex Metal Private Cloud Cores come with High-Availability(HA) Ceph based block storage by default. Non-HA LVM/direct disk storage is also fully supported.

openstack project swift icon

Object Storage Access
Standardized Rest API access to various types of Object Storage. The hyper-converged cloud cores have HA Ceph based object storage by default. Non-HA LVM/direct disk storage is also fully supported.

openstack project neutron icon

Network as a Service
Create routers, switches, and security groups. Security groups handle automated firewalling on the hardware node for VMs. Provision networks and organize rules for public and private IP address usage.

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All parts of the Hosted Private Cloud leverage a universal and secure authentication system.

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Virtual Machine Images
A catalog of VM images are available to spin up servers easily. Additional VM images can be manually created and stored for use based on your needs.

Get Started with Flex Metal Cloud

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Launch Your Private Cloud

Provision OpenStack Private Clouds on-demand. Go from zero to new VMs in about 45 minutes.

Test Drive/PoC Credits

Migrating a large deployment or pricing out a new project? Test Drives and Proof of Concept Credits available now!

Need Help?

Discuss your infrastructure requirements with the Flex Metal Cloud Team to get a personalized assessment.

On-Demand Hosted Private Cloud Powered by OpenStack

Flex Metal’s Private Cloud Core (PCC) is a cost-effective and scalable hosted private cloud that is available on-demand. The PCC is powered by one of the most supported and industry-accepted open source technologies for cloud infrastructure and infrastructure as a service.

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Escape the Public Clouds

Open source based cloud architecture powers a cost-effective on-demand hosted private cloud solution for businesses of all sizes.

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Full Governance

Achieve full control, visibility, and governance over all cloud components.

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Private First

Starts with a Security Policy first. This is a standard Public Clouds simply can't match.

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Scale On-Demand

Inherently scalable architecture with easy access to additional compute and storage.

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Cost Transparency

Pricing is available, no sales process necessary. Launch your private cloud in minutes.

Open Private Cloud image

Open Private Cloud Architecture

Organizations can use Flex Metal Cloud to migrate their on-premise hardware to a secure, completely private off-premise hosted cloud. Gain visibility into cloud usage, simplify cloud operations, and cut cloud infrastructure costs. Get direct control over your private cloud hardware and scale on-demand based on your business goals. Our private cloud hosting architecture includes a hyper-converged cloud core with Ceph object storage, bare metal cloud, and converged and non-converged compute and storage options.

OpenStack Ceph Storage image

Private Cloud Storage with OpenStack and Ceph

Our private cloud storage is powered by Ceph Octopus, the latest and most performant Ceph to date. You can grow and shrink data storage as needed, enabling System Administrators to easily and efficiently scale on-demand. Off premise private cloud deployments benefit from these OpenStack and Ceph efficiencies.

Private Cloud Transparent Pricing image

Transparent, On-Demand Private Cloud Pricing

With InMotion Hosting as your private cloud provider, you can rely on transparent pricing, with no vendor lock-in and no surprise fees or bills. Our Flex Metal Cloud IaaS architecture allows you to select from a variety of building blocks/components to achieve your desired performance and cost-saving goals. As a private cloud host, we keep your business goals top of mind.


More Flex Metal Cloud Components

Private Cloud as a Service is delivered on-demand and at scale.