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            QuickStarter Agreement


            Our design experts can get your business site or vision jump-started with a QuickStarter One Page website. A one-time fee is charged for a professional, effective website within two business days. Although one page is standard, the customer has the option to add more pages for an additional fee as part of a special sales agent offer or a landing page promotion at the time of ordering or after launch.


            Our design experts gather information needed to set up your site from the answers provided in the design questionnaire form only. Once your site is launched, we ask you to confirm all the information you provided is displayed correctly on your website. In order to meet the quick turnaround at a great price, any design edit requests like images or colors will require further services from our Design team. When we build your site, it is built with the use of BoldGrid, the simple drag-and-drop WordPress website builder. This web builder is as easy to use as it is to learn, plus we provide you with a product guide to help you with customization. You will be able to change images, text, fonts, and colors, plus add more pages and content with no problem.

            Cancellation Policy

            The Quickstarter Web Design service can be cancelled by the customer during the review process, but the service cost is non-refundable.

            Refund Policy

            The Quickstarter Web Design service is a one-time, non-refundable fee. Because this is an expedited product, we cannot refund this service.

            Update Policy

            Once the site is built, the Customer will be responsible for any updates to their sites. However, the customer has the option to purchase additional design services with White Glove.


            The Quickstarter Web Design service is delivered within 2 business days. However, a 2 business day delivery cannot be guaranteed on orders with more than one page or on orders that are part of a special promotion period.