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            Web Design Services Agreement

            Terms of Service
            Last Revised Date: May 17, 2021


            1. Subject to Universal Terms of Service: These InMotion Hosting, Inc. (“Company”) terms of service are subject to Company’s Universal Terms of Service which are located at http://www.aizij.com/legal/. In the event of a conflict between these Terms of Service and the Universal Terms of Service, use these Terms of Service.
            2. Service Overview and Services: Company’s web design service is focused to design and code a customer website on the WordPress platform. Company offers two design solutions–Content Management System (“CMS”) and E-Commerce (“eCom”) packages.
            3. Packages:
              • Included in all CMS packages:
                • Coming Soon Page
                • Home Page Image Rotator (up to 5 images)
                • Educational Video Tutorial
                • Standard Contact Form (up to 10 fields)
                • Image Gallery (up to 10 images)
              • CMS Silver Package
                • Number of pages – up to 7
                • Stock photos/icons – 4 total
              • CMS Gold Package
                • Number of pages – up to 14
                • Stock photos/icons – 8 total
              • eCom Package:
                • Included in all eCom packages:
                  • Coming Soon Page
                  • Home Page Image Rotator (up to 5 images)
                  • Educational Video Tutorial
                  • Standard Contact Form (up to 10 fields)
                  • Easy Product Import
                  • Easy Product Dashboard
                  • Image Gallery (up to 10 images)
              • eCom Silver Package
                • SKU’s – up to 25
                • Categories – up to 3
                • Static pages – 4
                • Stock photos/icons – 4 total
              • eCom Gold Package
                • SKU’s – up to 50
                • Categories – up to 5
                • Static pages – 8
                • Stock photos/icons – 8 total
            4. Customer Responsibility: Once work begins on customer website, customer is responsible for timely communication with InMotion Hosting. In the event specific plugins or purchases are required to satisfy customer needs outside of those listed above, customer must make purchases separately. In the event provisioning of said plugins or scope of work extends beyond that which is listed above, customer is subject to billing at current hourly rates.
            5. Maintenance Plans: After the customer website has launched, customers can purchase an optional recurring or one-time maintenance plan at a discounted fee. Customers that do not opt for a maintenance plan will be billed Company’s standard design hourly rate.
            6. Cancellation of Service and Non-Refundable Service: Any package can be cancelled by customer prior to the first interview telephone call with a web design advisor. After that initial call, the services are non-refundable. InMotion Hosting reserves the right to terminate services at any point, for any reason, provided that they refund the customer for services not yet rendered.
            7. Updates: Once customer’s website is launched, customer will be responsible for any updates to the site. If customer purchases a maintenance plan, customer may request changes to the website via a ticket to the design team via direct e-mail at [email protected]. Maintenance plans tickets are answered in the order they are received and completed within 5-10 business days.