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            Website Transfer Agreement

            Terms of Service
            Last Revised Date: March 1, 2022


            1. Subject to Universal Terms of Service:? These InMotion Hosting, Inc. (“Company”) terms of service are subject to Company’s Universal Terms of Service which is located at http://www.aizij.com/legal/.? In the event of a conflict between these Terms of Service and the Universal Terms of Service, these Terms of Service.
            2. Service Overview and Service: Company’s? website transfer service is a premium service in which hosting customers may request data be transferred to Company’s servers from an external host or an existing hosting account with InMotion Hosting.
            3. Billing for Service: ? If the website transfer is not? “free” or included as part of Launch Assist, the customer will be charged a fee for the transfer.? Each website and/or cPanel transfers will incur additional fees.
            4. Cancellation of Service: The service can be cancelled any time by emailing [email protected] Cancellations can be requested up until the moment the transfer is completed and awaiting customer approval
            5. Non-Refundable Service: The website transfer service is a non-refundable service subscription once the transfer has been completed.? Priority Fee is non-refundable regardless of the transfer status.