Perform your own website transfer

Many times when a customer is new to InMotion Hosting they will already have a complete website that they’d like to move over to us from their existing hosting company.

In this guide we’ll review some key articles that can help you facilitate your own website transfer if you wanted to get things setup right away and you didn’t wish to wait for our support team to complete a website transfer for you.

Shared website transfer from cPanel host

These articles cover steps you can follow if your previous website hosting company also utilizes cPanel. You can simply create a partial home directory backup at your previous cPanel host, as well as a backup of your MySQL databases, and then restore those directly onto our server.

Backing up your data

Restoring your data

VPS and Dedicated website transfer

These articles go over how to copy single or multiple cPanel accounts from another cPanel host to your VPS or dedicated server with InMotion Hosting.

Copying accounts with cPanel access

Copying accounts with root server access

To follow these articles you would need to have root access on your VPS or dedicated server.

Merge or split cPanel accounts to fit hosting package

On a shared cPanel hosting package you can only have 1 cPanel account. So if you happen to be moving from another cPanel host where you have multiple cPanel accounts you might want to merge them all together so they can be placed on a shared server.

VPS and dedicated servers support multiple cPanel accounts, so if you had multiple domains all under 1 cPanel account at your previous host, and are moving to a VPS or dedicated server with InMotion Hosting, you might consider splitting up your 1 cPanel account into multiple cPanel accounts so that you can split up access and management between your different websites.

Merge / split accounts via cPanel

Merge / split accounts via SSH

Website transfer from non-cPanel host

If you are migrating your website and your previous host doesn’t utilize cPanel then there are a few more steps involved for getting all of your data over to our servers, these articles will cover that in-depth.

Testing your website and making it live

After you’ve finished moving your website data to our servers, more than likely you’ll want to directly check on your website to ensure everything is running properly. Once you’ve confirmed things look good, you can then update your domain’s name servers entries to start pointing at our name servers.

Testing your website

Make your website live with InMotion

If you have a WordPress website and only need to transfer the website itself, consider exporting the WordPress site data and uploading it at the destination.

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  • I have just moved all my 6 sites (mainly wordpress) to a VPS with you and they are all set as subdomains under the main domain name. They are all accessed via one cpanel. I thought it would increase security between the sites if I created accounts for each of the sites and then migrated the domains and websites into their own account with their own cpanel. If someone got access to one of my sites it would be be able to spread the virus to the others.

    Does that make sense? Are there any instructions for splitting out these subdomains into their own cpanels on a VPS and migrating them?


    • I would recommend 100% splitting up the subdomains into their own cPanels. Although a tedious task, it does add a layer of security and there is no restriction in cPanel on a VPS to create accounts with subdomains. This setting should be enabled by default in your Tweak Settings (available through root access). I hope this helps!

  • Hi,

    I’m migrating my add-on domain from another host (with cpanel). I want my one add-on domain on the old host to be the main domain on InMotion. I used cpanel in the old host to download mysql database as well as home directory. How can I now proceed to restore?

    If I use cpanel in InMotion and restore both the home directory as well as the database, the website will be restored as it is. Are there any changes I can do before restoring, may be in the home directory zip file to restore only the add-on domain and make that the main domain in InMotion?


    • Hello Saulat,

      The primary domain for an account would require the restoration to be done our technical support team. You can submit a verified support ticket to have it done for you.

      Any changes that you want done to the site would need to be done before you restore it. You could also make changes to the code AFTER you have restored the cPanel installation.

      If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

      Arnel C.

  • Hi I am planning to enroll in your service, I need to migrate a vps with 6 sites with thier own dedicated IP’s how can you help me, do you vps? I need mult cpanels, an I need ddicated IP addresses, how do I transfe SSL certificates, and can you help me migrate my mysql databases that come with each cpanel in my vps.?

    Thank You


    • Hello Peter,

      When you are setting up your account, make sure to speak with your sales person for the account from InMotion, you simply need to say that you need help with migrating your site. We have a team of tech’s who can handle the migration for you. In order to have multiple cPanel and dedicated IP address you will need have a VPS or Dedicated server account. The Web Transfer team also handles the databases if you require assistance.

      I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

      Arnel C.

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