Important Note: Please remember that these customers have volunteered to be listed here - if you contact them directly please remember they are volunteers and you should contact our tech support team here for in depth questions! Thank You!

Hi, just wanted to let you know that Aeriel was of great help this evening. I made an error on my email address when registering and Aeriel was kind enough to figure it out, correct it and get me the info I needed to get me started.
Greetings, I would like to praise and acknowledge my latest chat-supporter Bettina A. After some 4,5,6…I lost count…support sessions trying to figure out the problem with secure IMAP connections I've been having, Finally Bettina hit the right keys on the first try. More over I've been having failures with establishing secure FTP connections and this sharp lady pointed my to what seems to be the right answer after many previouse searches and support sessions. You've made my day better!
Avi S.
Today I contacted Support about email problem on new site. I Chatted with BettinA and she was very patient and helpful. She talked me through possible solutions to the problem. The final change had an expected propagation delay of 4-6 hours and I’m pleased to say that it appears the problem is resolved. I appreciate her hep, thank you.
George S.
I just wanted to let you know that Aeriel S. is a superb employee-she resolved my e-mail issue so fast, I was in shock. Tell her I said thanks again!
Chris L.
Just wanted to comment on Sabrina D's help today. My domain renewal was coming up but I did not receive any instructions for renewal or billing. She found out that a proper bill had not been made on my account so it didnt show up in My Subscriptions. She corrected the issue so that I was able to successfully renew before my expiration day (which was in the next couple of days!) I appreciate her effort, and actions to facilitate the issue for me. Thanks Sabrina! :)
Christopher R.
I'm researching a new hosting provider for myself and my clients. I'm a web developer looking for a provider on the west coast with great value and customer service. Austin explained Reseller Hosting for me as well as your Business Power and Pro plans. Austin answered all my questions and did a great job representing InMotion Hosting to a new client who's likely referring his own clients. Thank you Austin!
Steve N.
I keep recommending InMotion Hosting for the simple reason that it has the best support I have found in the IT business. Individuals like John, who take the time to understand the customer, makes a true effort to provide the assistance one needs and then walks that extra step by accommodating the customer. Thanks John M. and the management for providing a great product and not just a nice commercial. Other businesses should learn from you.
Danny L.
I wanted to pass along my praise for both the ease of your company's web hosting programs, and in particular, the great service I received from your representative Shea. He was very informative yet not pushy. I look forward to your hosting services but I take extra comfort in knowing your staff will be helpful with issues that may arise, like Shea did.
David N.
I got online tonight to try and find a web hosting service that supported my applications as a developer. I was dreading this because I could of sworn it would take all night to find the right company. However, to my delight I found several stackoverflow answers and whoshostingthis.com both recommended InMotion Hosting. I got on and found your site so easy to navigate and found everything I needed. Nick T. was quick to get me taken care of and instead of redirecting me, created a custom link that got me set up in seconds. I couldn't be happier with my service. 10/10 Nick T. and 10/10 InMotion Hosting!
Scott H.
I wanted to commend Daniel W. for the work that he did in helping us out with our website today. He did the best job ever! He saw the problem and immediately applied the necessary fix and bam. Our site was back up! As soon as I checked my email for support’s response, I found out it was done! He put out that fire like a seasoned Firefighter! He is definitely an asset to your company. I’m very grateful for his fast service!
Rick R.
I'd just like to say I received incredible advice and support from Adam C. today. Being a complete novice when it comes to making a website, I had a huge number of questions and often had to have answers clarified. Adam C. was incredibly patient throughout the entire chat, answering each of my questions perfectly and clearly, as well as helping me to understand what is included in the hosting plans and how they are suited according to my own needs. Very very impressed and grateful!
Ali J.
I learned about InMotion through PC Magazine's review of hosting firms. What caught my eye was the mention of customer service. In my very first call to InMotion Hosting, Matt S. was ever so helpful in giving me frank and honest advice about the best strategy to begin developing a website with you. I really appreciated the time he gave me and my intention is to build a website with you - either via my own work or from your web design services (most likely). Matt and InMotion have already lived up to my expectations set by the PC Magazine review!
Robert T.
I just had an exceptional customer service experience with Matt S. in your online sales department. I was debating on using InMotion or Hostgator and signed up with InMotion while Matt S. still assisted me - him being the tipping factor for me. I've heard you had excellent customer service and support and my first experience - an important one - exceeded expectations.
Brenda M.
I contacted Inmotion Hosting last night because I was very dissatisfied with my current hosting provider, Hostgator. I was fortunate enough to have chatted with Austin M. online and he provided me with the information I needed to make an intelligent decision for my future hosting needs. Austin was very personable and knowledgeable. I look forward to doing business with your company.
Sue G.
Just wanted to give you some feedback about Patrick O. I contacted him with a laundry list of questions about setting up a business hosting account. He answered all of my questions (some of which were pretty technical). He was professional, very knowledgable, and friendly. If he is an indication of your support staff, I’m really going to enjoy using InMotion Hosting as my business hosting site. It was because of his answers and help that I decided to go ahead and set up an account today.
Robert D.
Shea R. has assisted me with questions in regards to web hosting and has offered me more insight in half an hour than my current host did in all the years I have been with them. I appreciated the fact that she explained everything to me so I would understand it too.
Joey D.
I am writing to confirm my satisfaction I received from Shea R. The reason why I went ahead and bought the package was because Shea was extremely patient with me and answered all my questions I had. I just want to say a big THANK YOU and I give him CREDIT for the great customer service he provided. He convinced me with his extreme patience, great skill, and experience and I look forward to working with InMotion Hosting for the long term and will surely recommend your services.
Derick A.
Just wanted to rave about a Mr. Patrick. O. who helped me out today. I've spoken with lots of other web hosts, Host Gator, BlueHost, DreamHost, etc. and no one was as competent as he. In a timely and friendly manner he was able to answer all my questions and help me assess the best hosting package for my needs. I am exceptionally pleased and will be going with your hosting company, because of his great expertise. Just saying, that's how you do Customer Service and Sales right! :)
Kristex A.
My company has tasked me with getting a dedicated server for their new site which will be at outerplaces.com. I have been working with Nick T. over the past couple of days via chat and email. I cannot stress how smooth he made this entire process. I had many questions and concerns, and he answered all of them to more than my satisfaction. I was extremely impressed by the WORLD CLASS service received from Nick T. One of the biggest reasons my company and I decided to go with InMotion is because you have the reputation of having fantastic support and service. I'm sure we will be recommending InMotion hosting to everyone we know.
Brandon J.
Just letting you know my recent sales chat with Adam C was fantastic. He helped me out with exactly what I needed and asked him for. He was right on the ball and made life easier for me which was a nice change since I had just ran into a headache of a hosting problem. If this is the customer service I can expect from you guys I look forward to a long and prosperous time at InMotion Hosting.
Deven H.
Just had a pleasure to chat with Patrick O over at InMotion; I was in search of a great host for my site (guineeplus.net). I had a bunch of good and stupid questions, and I gotta say, Patrick O was patient and answered all of my questions. He advised me on what I should go with, and helped me every step of the way from questions to actually signing up for the VPS (29.99) Hosting. I don't usually sign up for a service at first sight, but Patrick words were pretty convincing and assuring. Looking forward to this great venture with InMotion.
Sophie H.
I was looking for hosting and I have seen your amazing discounts on your website. To begin with your pricing even without the discount is the best around so far considering the support you provide as well. Matt S. has got to be the best support representative. Well he gave me a small discount and originally I wanted to do month to month but with such a big saving I fell in love with the yearly savings. Thanks so much InMotion Hosting and I hope Matt S. is rewarded majorly by this he deserves it.
Kay D.
Today's help from John M. in getting a new account set up is exactly why we choose InMotion Hosting. I have worked with your company before on another website and when asked to set up this site I didn't want to use anyone else due to the excellent customer service I had previously received. So glad to continue getting this level of excellent customer service!
Jean R.
Hi, I just wanted to send feedback for Adam C. He answered all of my pre-sales questions for a client of mine, explained your affiliate program very well and then offered me a discount on hosting for my client! It was a wonderful experience and really reminded me of why I love InMotion Hosting so much.
Blue Ivory Creative
Your phone rep Mike M. whom I spoke to around 10:10am EST today as well as the reps I have chatted with on the forums such as Arn and Scott and Patrick O. from the sales team... ARE AWESOME! These employees have given me extremely fast and pleasant customer service. I have never dealt with a company whose online forum support is so quick and reliable. I usually don't go out of my way to send messages like this but your customer service has been that extraordinary. Thank you and I look forward to working with inmotion for many years to come.
Joseph E.
Nick T. was extremely helpful and quick to respond. I chose InMotion Hosting after doing a lot of research, but the customer support was top notch! More surprising, they quickly answered a question I had about the SSD’s used on the servers to which I got a prompt reply, 840 Evo’s! I was equally impressed at the good quality equipment you have running. I am more than thrilled to be using your services!
Rafael R.
I would like to commend Adam on doing an outstanding job today as he helped me to select the proper web host package for my domain. He was extremely patient, informative, casual and honest with his responses. I feel confident of the selection I made today as it will be what I need. This is a new venture for me. Thanks Adam for your help and I am looking forward to working with InMotion.
Diane M.
I would like to provide positive feedback for your sales team, Shea R in particular. She was very accommodating to my questions, and helped me get the best deal possible. This is why I will continue to be your customer for two more years. She very thoroughly answered the questions I had and made getting a plan I was happy with very simple and quick.
Nicholas S.
You never know what kind of support you'll receive when you use online chat support at midnight, but Brian W. helped me work through some changes to our TXT and SRV records that I was unable to create through the Advanced DNS Editor. I didn't know if I would even be successful as I started the support discussion, but Brian W. helped me straight away and got everything working. It took a while and he never complained - just helped me see it through.
David B.
Nick did a great job. He was very friendly, professional, and was willing to answer all my questions. If he didn’t know the answer immediately he took time to find someone who did. My company recently switched from LunarPages because of a lack of support. I was very pleased with the help I received from Nick.
Chris D.
Adam was great. I'm a super newbie in all the jargon regarding domains, hosting and such. Adam was really helpful in explaining things and didn't make me feel foolish. Much appreciated! Adam also enlightened me to the fact that InMotion is employee owned. This makes me feel even better about my decision to return to InMotion. I'm an HR manager for a community-owned (co-op) grocery store.
Christina B.
Just a note to let you know how helpful Daniel was in enabling me to solve a problem that I was having with my website. He listened carefully to my description of the issue that I was having and then made several suggestions concerning potential solutions. Following Daniel’s suggestions, I was able to solve the problem quickly and get things operating smoothly again. Great customer service.
Fred F.
Firstly I would just like to praise Adam Block for his assistance with my sign-up. He was patient, informative, and delightful to deal with; I feel very at home with InMotion Hosting as a result. I very much appreciated his patience working out some technical issues with the billing of my account. I have nothing but good things to say about his character, demeanor, and intelligence as far as I gathered. All in all, I think Adam must be a stellar employee and I look forward to working with him again in the future.
Karim M.
You made the experience of setting up hosting VERY user-friendly. I'm tech-inept, and when I did this through another hosting service four years ago, the process was much more confusing and frustrating, and took me a long time. This was so easy, and so quick! Kudos to you and to Nicole for great customer service - all of the reviews I read about InMotion Hosting raved about the customer service, and they were right. I'm very happy with the choice I made. Thanks!
Bonnie V.
I have to say, you and the rest of the support team have been nothing short of fantastic. Extremely responsive, with actual humans on the other end that answer my questions (and mistakes!) thoroughly and usefully. My only regret so far is not that I didn't switch over to InMotion Hosting sooner.
Nate S.
Patrick is doing a great job! He really helped me set up my new account and answered all of my complex questions thoroughly. Thanks a lot, I am excited about my new hosting account at InMotion Hosting!
Andrew H.
Daniel did an amazing job walking me through setting up SSH key and access for our developer. He made sure I understood what we were doing rather than just doing it for me. He also sent me KB articles that explain it ever further.
Barry M.
I just had a great call with Christopher J. I needed someone to hold my hand as I made some critical decisions. It was a big deal for me, easy for him. He walked me through, took his time; I really appreciate his service attitude. I’m o’school. He made me feel comfortable. I have been with you guys since I started my company in 2008; because of your Christophers, I’ll keep you.
Ervin C.
Just a quick note to share that I am, once again, absolutely blown away and impressed by your customer service, specifically technical support chat. So glad I made the switch from Dreamhost over to you guys. Robert Ba was awesome over chat! Thank you!
Shannon M.
I would like to commend Brandon for being extremely patient and helpful with me, in spite of my many questions. Brandon was able to answer all the questions I had and also kept my interest in mind while suggesting options. I have always had good experience with InMotion Hosting and that is one of the reasons I am shifting my hosting from ipage to InMotion Hosting.
Avinash B.
I would like to congratulate you, InMotion Hosting for the great service you guys have put up for us new customers. I had a question and using your online chat I was able to get a QUICK answer, thanks to Patrick O, who gave me a great service. Besides answering my question, he was kind enough to help me with my decision on buying a hosting plan, and gave me a good deal.
Javier S.
I would like to say that today I received extremely helpful support from Johnathan H. from your tech service department. As usual, he was very helpful in explaining to me what I needed to do to get my problem taken care of. I appreciate each and every one of your tech personnel and have NEVER had a problem in the tech department in all the years I have been with your service, and this means a lot to me! Thank you so much for providing excellent service to your users.
Cherise K.
Late last week I contacted the tech support unit of InMotion Hosting regarding an issue that our HQ IT couldn’t figure-out. In a matter of a few hours your tech support team was able to get to the root cause of the problem and remedy it. I would like to commend your team for their know-how and excellent customer-focused attitude. I will be sure to share this with my colleagues here at the CA DOT. Keep up the great work!
Edmond M.
I was just talking to Malcom M. about a problem that I had with the cPanel on my VPS. He was very pleasant and helpful and fixed my problem very quickly. I really appreciate the tech support that you guys provide. You are definitely the best hosting service on the internet.
Tim A.
I just wanted to let you know that Brandon was instrumental in convincing me to move my website to InMotion Hosting. I was shopping for a new hosting provider (I’m moving my site from GoDaddy), and I must have chatted with two dozen sales reps from two dozen hosting companies. Brandon gave me the confidence to open an account with InMotion Hosting.
Ric E.
I had some issues with redirecting my domain while maintaining my email and hosting services with you. All of your support personnel are amazing. They are knowledgeable, kind and helpful. No matter what my concerns have been throughout my three years with you, I have always received the best customer support ever. My thanks to all that are there to provide excellent service.
Daryl A.
Just wanted to let you know what a great employee you have in Rachel P. She helped me with re-registering my expired domain and website, answered all my questions and was simply AWESOME! Thanks again, I recommend InMotion Hosting to all my friends that are looking for someone to host their websites. You guys are terrific!!!
Gail S.
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that Tim E. has provided me with more than stellar customer service. I was scared to death to start a website and he made me feel extremely at ease and more confident at starting the process. He let me know I can start with a little and build up as I see fit and want to. I honestly have not had better customer service over the phone probably in my lifetime! Because of him, I did not even shop around at any other website or web hosting places. That says a lot because I typically will shop around on most of my purchases. I don't think you can put a price on the comfort and service he gives. What a personable and helpful guy! Thanks again and I can't wait to start building my site!
Darla T.
Recently I’ve had to seek an amount of help from your technical support staff and I would like to offer my heartfelt gratitude in how they have all treated me. Brett T. was wonderful and very helpful and trust me when I say I love what your company has provided in the way of giving us this much needed support. I have never had any problems with any of your technical/support team and you should be highly recommended in your endeavors to maintain this high quality of service.
Cherise K.
Once again your support team has saved the day. I recently had a problem with my email, and Joshua L. was friendly, patient, and extremely helpful. My issue was fairly complex but he worked with me to get it resolved quickly and professionally. Every interaction that I have with your support staff is better than the last; you guys are doing great work, and I want to thank you for employing a support staff that is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful in every interaction I've experienced.
Claire B.
I was interested in changing my hosting provider, and I found your website on a review site. I live chatted with Matt S. and he answered all of my questions and was great to deal with, and gave me a great price as well. The process has been excellent so far and then I received a phone call from Jennifer after I made my purchase. The process has been so smooth and I thank you for that because I need some help with the technical side of this sometimes. I just wanted to let you know that you have great employees that have made this experience of switching from a different provider great.
Darrick G.
I spoke with Brett T. in Tech Support today regarding slow page loads. He quickly recommended two adjustments to our site (compression and caching) and after implementing those changes there is a very notable improvement. I continue to be impressed by the quality of support we’ve received from InMotion Hosting over the years: Quick, accurate responses every time. Thanks for everything you do, and for keeping your tech department in the USA.
Lance W.
Hi, I just wrapped up my chat with Brandon L. I had questions about getting our site transferred over to a VPS on InMotion Hosting. He was extremely helpful and friendly and answered all of my questions clearly. I've chatted with other hosting companies and would usually end the chat feeling more confused than when I started. But Brandon's answers were very clear and I feel like I know exactly what my next steps are and what we need to do. I'd highly recommend that people use you guys based on this.
Brannan W.
I'm sending one more email to thank you, with complete sincerity, over the quality of the technical service provided. I just spoke with a Samuel G. and he immediately pointed me in the right direction over multiple issues where previously I would have been left with hours of confusion. This is the type of assistance essential to the web developer.
Dan K.
Just wanted to let you know that Jonathan H. did a great job of solving my problem this morning. I am a reseller and there was a php version problem in the htaccess file after migrating a site running an older version of WordPress to the InMotion Hosting servers. He solved the problem right away, with courtesy, and answered additional questions I had. You guys are the best!
Elizabeth M.
Hi! I'm just contacting you to let you know how amazing your sales/support agent Tim E. is! He was literally the best support agent ever. I've been with GoDaddy and Blue Host before, however nothing compares to you guys at InMotion and more specifically Tim Elsass. Please give him a pat on the back for me!
Nicholas R.
Hi, I wanted to send a quick email to let you know that Matt S. helped our organization with purchasing a 12 month Power Plan with InMotion Hosting. We had tried to set it up online but ran into some tricky issues that we needed phone assistance with, and Matt was very helpful. He answered all our questions, from simple ones to technical ones, and efficiently set up the hosting plan for us, and applied the discount we were entitled to for us. Our team all agreed we had a great customer service experience with Matt S. Thanks!
Anne N.
I have been working with InMotion Hosting for years, both for personal use and with clients. I have been very satisfied with my service and look forward to continuing my business! Today I spoke with Patrick in regard to some questions I had about your reseller accounts vs your VPS accounts and Patrick was very informative and not only assisted in answering my questions but also processed my order for a new VPS-1000HA-S and domain name in less time than it would have likely taken me to complete the form on the website! Thank you and keep up the great work!
Zach M.
I just want to thank Larry W. for his courteous and prompt response to my issue. He was extremely willing to help me and he did it very quickly. InMotion Tech Support is outstanding and that's why I continue to subscribe to your services. Again I really appreciate Larry W.'s effort on my behalf. It was a crisis to me. Thanks.
Jay D.
I just wanted to pass on my appreciation and gratitude for your support team. Every time I have an issue, someone solves it for me within a very short time period with politeness and grace! I was assisted today by host Robert Ba, who seems to have solved my issue (email completely spammed) by actively going into my account and rectifying the situation for me. This is truly awesome as I am not exactly technologically dexterous and figuring out how to fix this myself would have taken me a lot more time and caused even more stress. Once again I sincerely appreciate this layer of support and I am a very happy customer! Thank you Robert and InMotion Hosting!
Rebecca S.
I would just like to take a moment to note that Jacob H. provided excellent support. It is my opinion he went well above and beyond what was necessary to try and resolve my problem with the above mentioned ticket. It was a pleasure working with him and once again InMotion Hosting impressed me. Thank you very much for having such quality staff members available to your customers, I for one really appreciate it.
Jason S.
I just want to give some great feedback for Daniel, Adam, and Laura who have helped me immeasurably with the registration transfer process for my nonprofit organization’s four domains. I don’t know if you know this, but transferring from one domain registrar to another is an unbelievably complicated and intense process. For those times I’ve called with issues I had no idea what to do with, Daniel, Adam, and Laura have been patient, understanding, and extremely helpful. I’d be lost without them. They represent InMotion in the best of ways. Your 24/7 support service is the best. I love what you do and how you do it.
Joel K.
I just wanted to take a minute to express my sincere gratitude for InMotion and your entire team. Every time I have emailed with a problem I have gotten extremely quick responses. I recently purchased a new domain with the intent to set up a simple WordPress site for my church. However, I couldn't figure out how to do it. Kayla H. was the support person who took my request and she went did the install for me (and FAST too). I just want to give Kayla a huge thank you and I wanted to pass that on to you as well. Thank you for your amazing service
Scott C.
I have been with InMotion Hosting for a number of years and every time I call I always have great service. Today was no different. Shea was able to help me set up my new account and best of all saved me additional $$ going through him instead of the website. On all instances that I have called I have been met with a great attitude on the phone. Shea was fantastic to help me out. I'm happy to always refer someone in need of hosting to you guys. Keep up the great work!
Benjamin B.
Robert was excellent in resolving my issue. You guys are all awesome. I have never had a bad experience with support, ever. I have used your service for a long time too. I don't typically make many server configurations so I don't utilize support often. Lately I have been making some additions and will hopefully be receiving a new stream of traffic soon. Your team has been extremely helpful with this task, and for that, I thank you.
Kyle A.
I have used a variety of servers from JustHost, GoDaddy, WiredTree, Black Lotus, to Internap then here. The support that Brandon offered has been the best that I have experienced so far. Every question I asked was answered in a timely fashion and the conversation was overall enjoyable and very helpful. :)
Esports Plus
I spoke with Derek three times today on the tech support phone line. Derek was unbelievably patient and helpful to me today. We have a little startup website that needed transferring from my reseller account to a new VPS account. There were some hiccups with the transfer. Derek was kind, knowledgeable, and patient with me. He personally ensured that the final transfer was made on my request and helped meet all my needs. I would give Derek 10 out of 10 stars for his work performance today.
Meg P.
I must first say thank you for all the help and advice you have given me today. Because of your dedicated and professional service I have decided to move my hosting from Ipage.com to InMotion. I felt as if you were very helpful and the product your company has would meet what I'm looking to do. Once again, thanks for sending all the useful attachments I would need in getting my site setup.
Ravi M.
It’s been an absolute pleasure doing business with you guys so far! I initially had faced an issue regarding making a purchase through your website and had submitted a request asking for assistance. I’m glad to say that I got Mr. Block to assist me. He was absolutely brilliant and the way he helped me set this up on a Sunday, shows his dedication towards his job and towards the company. He was helpful, understanding and walked that extra mile to accommodate my requests. He is one major reason behind me referring a few friends to use InMotion’s services.
Tridib M.
Hi, I have done some major research looking for a new web host and I have heard many good reviews from people on forums, so I went to your site and spoke with Patrick Q. using live chat support. The main reason why I decided to purchase with InMotion is because of the fast, friendly and efficient customer service. It was definitely the best experience I have had with online support and I have dealt with five or six other so called big brand hosting companies.
Stephen W.
I just wanted to take a minute to reference a chat I had with one of your sales executives last Wednesday, November 12th. The person I am referencing is Shea R. When I first opened the chat, I was coming from two weeks of hell with two previous hosting companies (HostGator and Arvixe) which led me in loops trying to get my issues resolved. Shea knew your product inside and out. Shea shared a ton of great details about your packages, about your servers, the benefits on one package versus another, and advice on how I could get assistance on migrating my server. What should have been a five or 10 minute session ended up in a 30+ minute chat and resulted in me opening an account with IMH. Without question, Shea was the reason I ultimately chose to sign with IMH and that’s a testament to the sheer knowledge this account executive had.
Shane S.
My name is Jon Serper and I’ve been a customer of yours for several years. The other day a support technician (Jobie) helped me out with a difficult integration issue that easily could have taken days to resolve, but in part because of his help I was able to pinpoint the problem and resolve it quickly. I have to say this level of expertise within your organization seems pretty consistent and that is a great compliment to the way that your company is run. However, what also strikes me and perhaps is something that separates InMotion from others is your support team’s level of patience and ability to understand a complex issue that may or may not have to do directly with your system. In the case of Jobie, I explained my problem which consisted of no less than three integrated systems and he understood the dynamics immediately. He then went to an area within the InMotion system (MySQL) and in toggling versions with a quick test I was able to rule out several possibilities and home in on the root cause. This in a nutshell is why individuals like Jobie and frankly many in your organization are so valuable to me – with all of the disparate systems and interconnections these days it’s almost impossible to find documentation on this type of stuff unless you get lucky.
Jon S.
I wanted you to know that today I spoke to Patrick, and was pleasantly surprised at the expertise, fluency, friendliness, and effectiveness of this young man’s ability to communicate and sell, without attitude or guile. He led me to the right place, sold me a package I can afford, and was infinitely helpful in every question I had for him. My business is very important to me—something that no other hosting company seems to have understood. Since 1997 I have been doing on-line sales, and really appreciated the fact that Patrick was not just helpful, but interested in seeing my business prosper and continue to generate capital. I am so pleased! Thank you, InMotion, and thank you, Patrick.
Jessica W.
I just had a very pleasant problem solving chat with Jadon. He is one of the reasons I stay with InMotion. Every time I have a problem with any of my sites, which is honestly almost never, I get someone on the other end, who actually knows what they are doing. Unlike so many other companies in this day and age, InMotion seems to have a staff of people who are actually competent. While waiting for the system to make the fixes and updates, he and I had a good banter going. It was awesome to see that an American was on the other end. The movie references and associated banter told me that this was not an “offshore” help center, but one here in the US. I applaud InMotion for keeping the support onshore. Please extend my thanks again to Jadon for his help and expertise, as well as the fun banter.
George C.
I just wanted to let you know that Adam C. was very helpful to me in my decision to switch from GoDaddy to hosting with InMotion. He explained the way your hosting company operates and what I would need to do. I asked questions about several of the features in the Power hosting level and he patiently explained each feature. I’m happy in the decision I made to move my church’s website to InMotion. I hope the transfer goes as smoothly and that InMotion can provide the support I need for my Drupal site which GoDaddy lacked.
Teresa L.
I would like to express my gratitude in both your sales team's and technical support's work. You all have been very helpful. I think over the past week I have contacted you about 10 different times, both asking for help in choosing what product I need and even after purchase to get help setting up the domains and etcetera. Everytime every person I spoke to was very understanding and helpful in directing me exactly where I needed to go. The online chat is very useful. I have also made phone calls as well. The fact that someone is available 24/7 makes it very easy to communicate as we are from Mongolia. Keep up the good work and thank you again.
Selenge T.